the World of Magic – TWOM Online

the World of Magic is a MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by Com2uS. But it’s no ordinary MMORPG, it’s a mobile MMORPG. The game was originally made exclusively for Apple’s platform. But now extends to android phones as well. this game have what most MMORPG have in term of social aspect; groups, guilds, pvp arenas, and mass chatting feature in real time. This game is free to play, but like any other free-to-play games there are several ‘premium’ membership bonuses but not in the social aspect.

the Game is great, cute sprites, real time strategy actions, and fun to play. But unfortunately, it is kind of hard to play while chatting. a phone’s screen is not big enough for controls and chatting, so when i’m fighting a monster i can’t really chat (i.e yell for help, or interacting with people nearby). Overall this game is great, for me MMO is more socially interactive than other ‘social networks’. So i can get more community by having a MMO in my phone.

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